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Frequently Asked Questions About the Car Buying Service

STOP running around all over town trying to get the best price. Call Sun Credit Union & Auto Source, and close the deal from the comfort of your home or office. Let us do all the work, leaving you with peace of mind and a great deal.

We are not brokers. Our business is based on securing you, the consumer, with the best deal in the shortest amount of time. We are paid a flat fee by the dealerships, so our bottom line is the same whether you are looking for a Hyundai or a Rolls Royce. Our system has proven itself over and over by allowing us to worry not about a commission, but about YOU. Our personalized services are FREE to you.

With over 32 years of retail automotive experience, Sun Credit Union & Auto Source will guide you through the car buying process - how to select and compare the cars you are considering- What makes and models are available, facts on rebates and other incentives, and where the best deals can be found. With your needs in mind, Sun Credit Union & Auto Source will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.


Sun Credit Union & Auto Source can save you thousands of dollars off the price of a new car. Our experience, buying power through our dealer networks allow us to negotiate on behalf of our customers to arrive at a bottom line that simply would not be possible for the average consumer doing it on their own.


Sun Credit Union & Auto Source provide consumers with a convenient no-hassle, no-haggle car buying experience. As your personal car buying assistant, we streamline the entire car buying process - from test drives and option selection, to navigating the final paperwork. Our customers don’t waste their precious time shopping from one dealership to the next because we handle the legwork for them. We can even deliver the car free of charge to your home, office or Credit Union branch for closing.

Buy with Confidence

Nobody likes to feel taken advantage of. Sun Credit Union & Auto Source customers have peace of mind in knowing that they are making an informed, pressure-free decision on their car purchase, and getting the car best-suited to their needs at a great price.

What can you expect from Sun Credit Union & Auto Source?

  • A free service to you the credit union member
  • Avoid the traditional Showroom Hassles
  • Access to All Makes and Models
  • No pressure
  • Facts not fiction regarding pricing, all rebates and incentives
  • Sun Credit Union & Auto Source work for you, not the dealer
  • A convenient no-hassle, no-haggle car buying experience
  • Sun Credit Union & Auto Source it doesn’t COST, it PAYS!
  • A happy car buying experience